About us

A bunch of food lovers got together to found an already well established brand Bonitas. Their mission is to bring healthy groceries to frequent and new customers living in more than 10 countries.

Bonitas was first introduced on the market in 2012. We came up with a line of canned fruit and vegetables. Our long-time experience in retail with a focus on groceries preceded the creation of the Bonitas. We follow trends by taking part in tens of exhibitions and festivals each year. We traveled the world and personally visited many of our suppliers. We picked only the best ones. Groceries are imported on a large scale which enables us to set prices affordable for everyone, beginning with wholesalers and ending with actual customers.

“We are trying to minimize the impact industry has on the Earth. We protect the environment and life.”

In 2014 we decided to slightly change the course of the brand and came up with a line of BIO – ORGANIC products. We simply could not bear the idea of being part of the aggressive circle of imported, chemically modified groceries. Such an approach has only one goal, earning as much as possible. Many suppliers provide us with groceries of a demonstrably higher quality. How did we achieve that? The answer is simple. We managed to accomplish that by following our vision and maintaning fair approach towards our customers. How could you check up the quality of Bonitas? Most of the products are packed in transparent packages. You know and see what you buy and what does the package comprise.

Attractive package is one of many advantages of Bonitas. We keep in mind the common saying: “Your eyes are eating first.”

“Bonitas has a goal to become a part of the daily grocery shopping in Europe and outside of it.”

Production and sale of the food products is primarily a service for people. Ask for Bonitas. Our products are waiting to serve you well.